SnapToMe Plus

Snap a picture from your camera directly into your email inbox, in just two quick clicks. Do you ever take pictures on your phone and then email them to yourself? To record progress on a project as you work? To make a permanent copy of what's on a whiteboard before you erase it? To have a picture of a maintenance problem to send along to the responsible party?

Now you can go from camera to inbox in two clicks -- just Capture and Send. SnapToMe Plus automatically records the date, time, and location and includes them in the email, great for documenting what/where/when with an indisputable photographic record. You can also use the Notes button to enter a Subject for the email and as much text as you want.

SnapToMe Plus works without cell service and can queue up photos to send later when you get cell coverage back.

With the SnapToMe free version, you need cell service at the time you use the app. Sending the email can take a while, depending on the photo file size and the vagaries of the cell network you're transmitting through.

If you want an app that does NOT record the location when you take the photo, please check out our MyDumbBoard app.